The ButterCoin VIP exclusive perks

Your all access pass to exclusive rewards. Reach higher tiers for more exclusive perks.


2 BUTTERcoin for every $1 spent


2 BUTTERcoin for every $1 spent, $5 off coupon and more


3 BUTTERcoin for every $1 spent and monthly exclusive reward

The best way to spend your ButterCoin

Baker's Butter Croissant coupon

Apple Turnover coupon

Baker's slice of cake - 1 Slice coupon

Baker's freshly baked cookies! - 1/2 dozen

For 100 BUTTERCoin you can redeem a $1 coupon, if you have 2000 BUTTERCoin you can redeem a $20 coupon, so on and so forth

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